A Christmas Tree – More Than Meets The Eye

For several decades now the fig tree has dominated both Christian and Pagan celebrations. During winter, pagans used the pine branches for home decorations. Their Roman counterparts used the fir trees when decking out their temples during the Saturn festivities. Christians prefer the pine tree when symbolizing the eternal worship of their Savior.

Understanding more about a Christmas tree

Where did the tradition originate from?

dfgddfgfdgdfgdfgdfgThe Christmas tree tradition started back in 16th century Germany. Christian preferred decorating the trees while inside their homes. Other Germans settled for wooden pyramids and decorated them with evergreen branches and candles. In the United Kingdom, trees began surfacing in the 1830s. Prince Albert displayed a massive tree in Windsor Castle back in 1848.

In America, the Christmas tree craze hit during the 19th century. At first, many members considered Christmas trees as odd practices. The tradition was spread by immigrants right around the time of the American Revolution. As of mid-19th century, a fifth of American families had adopted the Christmas tree tradition.

As of the Victorian era, trees had been decorated with candles and were represented by several stars. In some places in Europe trees were decorated with candles. Today the six pine tree is the most popular tree used across the globe during this festive event.

How big are the Christmas trees across the globe?

Many organizations across the globe compete on who will have the largest Christmas tree. No one can actually ascertain whose tree is the tallest. Different organizations declare themselves the winners while there are those who have their own differing definitions. To agree on a real winner will require all parties to come together and start by defining what actually constitutes a tree. There are several tree designs available that you will only get to see when you go out tree shopping.

Mount Ingino

Situated in Gubbio, Italy the tree appeared on the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest tree across the globe. It has over 3000 lights which have been strategically placed onto its mountainous side. The mountain has a tree-like shape and rises over 2000 feet. The mountain can be viewed from over 30 miles away.



The German town of Dortmund boasts of a magnanimous Christmas tree. Over 1700 individual fir are stuck on top of the other till they form one huge tree. This unique tree has over 50,000 lights which brightly shine over the biggest German Christmas markets.



A 400,000 piece of 13,000 pound Lego Christmas tree in Malaysia is the new coveted title. This is the largest Christmas tree in the whole of Asia. The construction of this tree took close to three months when constructing the large plastic structure which had been shipped from the Czech Republic before landing in Malaysia. The tree has hundreds of lego ornament decorations.