How to choose the best umbrella company

In the UK, contracting is becoming a way of life to many people. In fact, you could say that the sector is booming. Umbrella companies are at the forefront of this growth, and you could be tempted to want a stake in at least one of them. However, choosing the right umbrella company like is very crucial. It could be your best financial move. On the other hand, it could you down fall.

Pick the right umbrella company

Experience and reputation
It is popularly said that reputation is everything. This is even important when it comes to choosing an umbrella company. You should look for a trustworthy company, one that has a good name and record for contractor’s support. It is also important to bring up the issue of experience when you are searching for the best company. You want a company that has experience dealing with a spectrum of issues in the contracting world.

Do they have a genuine contract of employment?
Any genuine umbrella company will ensure that its contractors get employment contracts. This will ensure that you are entitled to all rights of a permanent employee. You will be guaranteed of sick, paternity and holiday pay.

If you do not get a compliant company, you will be missing on so many of your entitlements. Be on the look out to ensure that you are getting nothing but the best for your needs.

What’s their rate margin?
How much will you be getting back? This is an important question when you are out looking for the best umbrella company. The only difference that separates one umbrella company from the next is the margin. The government sets all the other rates such as national insurance and income tax and apply to each company.

Do a deep search to know the pay rates. Only go for the company that offers a relatively fair pay.

Do they ask for joining or leaving fee?
You will find some interesting things when looking for a suitable umbrella company. One of this will be joining and leaving fee. You will be asked to pay these fees by some potential companies. Do not go for such companies. Continue with your search, and you will find a perfect match for you. Without joining and leaving fee, it means you are free to leave anytime you want.

Assess their user-friendliness
If a company will make you jump over a thousand hoops before you can get paid, that one is a bad choice. Take time to know how your would-be company deals with its contractors. Look for a company that has an online portal for you to submit all your expenses and claims. With this, you can be assured of excellent service all the time.

Do suppliers prefer the company?
Many recruitment companies will use preferred supplier lists. In this list, you will find companies that agencies trust will look after their contractors. As you search for a company, look it up and see if it is in any of these lists. If it does, it must be a good one. If it does not feature here, you should move on and look for another one.

Online Shopping Tips

Shopping online comes with a variety of advantages. Some of the top ones include time-saving, better pricing, and a wide variety of products among many others. First time online shoppers might have a bit of a difficult time, and probably fail to experience all the benefits of shopping online. Even the most experienced shoppers may at times make small mistakes that make the shopping experience not as pleasant as it should be. Below are a few tips that can help you to get the most while shopping online.

Tips for online shopping

Choose the right store


The number of online stores available for you to shop from can at times get overwhelming. The store that you choose from can determine how good a deal you will get. Choose one that has been in business for a long time and has a good reputation behind it. Such are more likely to offer better services and swiftly handle any hiccups that you may experience. You should also confirm that the website is secure before giving your credit card details. Remember not to give any extra detail that you fell may not be necessary for the purchase.

Choose the right shopping day

This is particularly the case when you have to work with a tight budget. There are special days when you can get amazing offers shopping online. Good examples include Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Such days cut across nearly all stores. There are other days where you can enjoy great discounts, but they vary from store to store. A good way to stay updated is to sign up for newsletters. For most online stores signing up for the newsletters can also get you a shopping voucher or another type of offer.

Check the return policy

There are chances of errors occurring during the process of placing an order, leading to you receiving the wrong product. You might also be dissatisfied with the product for any possible reason. In such a case, you will have to return the product in exchange for the right order. Not all online stores have a friendly policy for returning products. Check to confirm that the store from which you purchase has good terms on their return policy.

Do not use public Wi-Fi

As tempting as it might be, avoid shopping online using public Wi-Fi networks. This is because they are vulnerable to hacking. Your private details, such as your credit card information, may end up in the wrong hands when you use such networks.

National Geographic Map Collection

National Geographic Map Collection

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